Having cut her teeth in Toronto after earning a degree in Classical Music at Ontario’s Wilfrid Laurier University, Canadian Singer / Songwriter Lesley Pike remains a popular and respected member of the city’s vibrant music scene, but has found herself embraced by major cities around the world. Initial forays to the UK, which included invitations as Gibson’s featured performer at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival two years in a row, led to the recording of her 2015 album November in London with legendary Canadian producer/guitarist/songwriter James Bryan (Philosopher Kings, Prozzak, Nelly Furtado) at Kensaltown & Abbey Road Studios. “November” earned features on Spotify’s home page, Canada AM, Global National, The BBC, The CBC, The Robert Elms Show (BBC London), and Sirius Radio amongst others, and saw Pike touring in Canada, America, Ireland and the UK. 

Known for her engaging and often-times hilarious live shows, Lesley is most at home on stage and has toured extensively, including shows with Jason Mraz, Darius Rucker, Jon Allen, Cowboy Junkies, Danny Michel, Dar Williams, the Dunwells, The Devlins, Joan Osborne, Hawksley Workman, Jeremy Fisher, Matisyahu, Stephen Kellogg, and many more. She also once almost fell into Lake Okanagan while performing for a boat-load (literally) of celebrities during a charity golf tournament. So there’s that. 

Teaming up with Tim Abraham (Royal Wood, Peter Katz, Jadea Kelly), Pike’s latest work is an emotional coming of age album of sorts, which features collaborations with the UK’s beloved Jon Allen, Canada’s Peter Katz, and American 2017 Grammy nominee Ari Hest.  The album will be released Aug 31, 2018 via Fontana North.