Hello there inter-webber!  I am currently in the process of writing and recording my next album.  If you'd like regular updates on the process / progress etc i'm sharing much of the journey via my PLEDGE MUSIC PAGE where you can pre-order the album and other Pledge exclusives.   Can't wait to share this new music with you all!  Big love, LP xx

Happy New Year!!  

Hi All, 

Well what a year it has been; a move across the pond to make a new album, time spent exploring fabulous new places, and of course meeting many new faces along the way. It’s been a ride with many ups and downs and highs and lows, and music - as always - is one of the key things that seems to see us through all of it; the good and the bad and the ugly. In the words of my Dad: "what in the heck would we do without music?!" 

I figure we’re basically all just on one big choose-your-own adventure in this life, and I thank you all for sharing the adventure with me. Though i’ve not yet met all of you yet in person I feel like I know you somehow thanks to the magical (albeit crazy at times) internet; and I look forward to meeting you in REAL LIFE(!) in 2015 when I hit the road. 

I am off the grid the next few days, unplugging for some much needed reflection & real-life connection with family & loved ones (which I quite frankly hope includes not moving from the couch for 12 hours straight while we watch the entire 1st season of The Fall…kind of like that Christmas I lay in bed with one of my sisters and watched about 6 seasons of “24” back to back until we basically both had bedsores. Oh the memories!). And after that, it’s full swing into new album activity -- FINALLY!! The Pledge campaign updates will be in full effect for all of January, including a sneak peek at the album cover, and before you know it the album will be in your mail / inbox / ears. As you probably know, i’ve been sitting on this album for quite some time and simply cannot wait to share it with you. I also can’t wait to put together these parcels so they can wing their way into your patient hands.  

Thank you for the love & kindnesses; know that i’m sending warm wishes right back to you.  

Here’s to new beginnings & new adventures for all of us!

Lesley x

Christmas Wishes 

Check out this adorable animated video for Christmas Wishes with Ryan Kelly, illustrated by hand and then animated by the fabulous Sarah Legault! 


Pre-Sale Launch 

7 September, 2014
Well, we launched my first ever pledge music pre-sale campaign on Friday night and it reached 99% in the first 2 hours!!  I am blown away, humbled, and overwhelmed (and I even shed a few tears, if you must know), so thank you x 100 to everyone who has already pre-ordered!   I'm beyond excited and can't wait to share these access pass updates, videos, blogs & behind the scenes exclusives with you when you pre-order!   More info at the link below.  It runs for the next 60 days right up until release date and i'll be giving out lots of exclusives along the way, so have a look at the bundles & see if any appeal to you!  
Love & Thanks, 
LP x



Lesley recently popped by Gibson London to perform a few acoustic versions of songs from her forthcoming album.   Here's 'My Own", featuring James Bryan on the guitar.

The Stacks Sessions 

Angela from the Stacks Sessions recently popped by my London flat to film an acoustic tune from my forthcoming EP.  Here's 'Brooklyn', live from my living room.  LP x

Happy Holidays!  

Thank you all for an amazing, fun and memorable year.   
Lil' gift for your holiday playlist:  free download of the holidy mashup I recorded with my friend Mark Pelli.  Please share & enjoy! 

Sundance London 

 We are excited to announce that Lesley has been invited to perform at this year's Sundance Film Festival in London, UK on April 26th!   More details here.