NOVEMBER 4, 2022

Hello folks of the interwebs, I'm delighted to announce several NEW exciting things: 

1 - I've recently launched a new page from which I will be doing my blogs and updates, as well as posting all news etc.  It is much easier for me to keep in touch with you via this page, so please SUBSCRIBE HERE and choose whichever settings you'd like. This is a FREE subscription, though if you fancy a bit more there's also an option for a paid membership which will give you access to extra behind the scenes news and updates, first/early access to new releases, etc. This will replace my current #iLikePike membership page and provides a lot more options on the technical front for me to share more content and keep you in the loop.  

2 - My new album WILD (Vol. 1) is OUT NOW! All of my news, updates and journals / notes about this will be posted on the above-noted blog over the coming weeks and months so please do join me there! 

Lots of love, 

LP xx