Happy New Year!!

Hi All, 

Well what a year it has been; a move across the pond to make a new album, time spent exploring fabulous new places, and of course meeting many new faces along the way. It’s been a ride with many ups and downs and highs and lows, and music - as always - is one of the key things that seems to see us through all of it; the good and the bad and the ugly. In the words of my Dad: "what in the heck would we do without music?!" 

I figure we’re basically all just on one big choose-your-own adventure in this life, and I thank you all for sharing the adventure with me. Though i’ve not yet met all of you yet in person I feel like I know you somehow thanks to the magical (albeit crazy at times) internet; and I look forward to meeting you in REAL LIFE(!) in 2015 when I hit the road. 

I am off the grid the next few days, unplugging for some much needed reflection & real-life connection with family & loved ones (which I quite frankly hope includes not moving from the couch for 12 hours straight while we watch the entire 1st season of The Fall…kind of like that Christmas I lay in bed with one of my sisters and watched about 6 seasons of “24” back to back until we basically both had bedsores. Oh the memories!). And after that, it’s full swing into new album activity -- FINALLY!! The Pledge campaign updates will be in full effect for all of January, including a sneak peek at the album cover, and before you know it the album will be in your mail / inbox / ears. As you probably know, i’ve been sitting on this album for quite some time and simply cannot wait to share it with you. I also can’t wait to put together these parcels so they can wing their way into your patient hands.  

Thank you for the love & kindnesses; know that i’m sending warm wishes right back to you.  

Here’s to new beginnings & new adventures for all of us!

Lesley x