It's finally here!  My new album HONEY & RUST is now available in stores across North America. 

Stream / follow / add to playlists & whatever else people do these days here: HONEY & RUST

Those who followed along during the process know it's been quite a journey making this album. It is deeply personal material, and many of the songs were born out of the darkest time in my life.  In a magical and alchemic way, the process of doing the writing and voicing what i'd been struggling with in isolation helped guide me gently back to myself, to presence, clarity, resilience and healing.  It was hard and emotional work and I am so proud of how it turned out and so grateful to everyone who contributed their time, talent and humour along the way.  I hope you love it, and if you are going through a dark time I hope it helps you know that you are not alone xx


(PS - UK / EU Release to follow in the new year)


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  • Matheiu
    Matheiu Toronto
    This woman is a thief. She has stolen money from me.

    This woman is a thief. She has stolen money from me.

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